Geoffrey*, 60, had lived a fairly traditional life before a mental health crisis pushed him to the edge of oblivion. He had lost his family, his home, and all hope for a happy future. Framework, he says, not only changed his life…they saved it too.

Before Framework

“I tried all my life to look after my family. I spent 10 years trying to help my son who was on heroin. I lost my house, my wife and my job through illness. I was staying in my car and at friends’ houses whilst trying to work and it all got too much. Finally I lost everything and went bankrupt. My mind was in a mess and each day it was getting worse. How could a man have tried and failed at everything? I wanted to sleep and not to wake up – my life was finished and none could help me. I just wanted out of life.”

How I have been helped

“Framework saved my life. Its staff were wonderful and helped me believe that no worries could not be sorted. I cannot thank Framework enough. I only wish I knew about them before my life fell apart. Framework helped me in all aspects of regaining my life…not once but twice. Its staff helped me in every aspect….and made me happy for the first time in 20 years.”

How I have changed

“Framework helped me feel wanted. Nothing was too much for its staff……It’s been a long road for me but with this service my life has been turned around. To be truthful they saved my life. I will never forget their kindness, help and understanding. God bless them all.”

Without Framework

“Without Framework I would not be writing to you. I was finished and just wanted to die and feel no more pain….from having lost everything they gave me a life.”

My future

“I now have my own home. I am getting help from the doctors and my life is slowly turning around. I am limited with my health and take one day at a time…but even now I feel I will succeed.”

The importance of this service

“This service saves lives. [There are] too many people whose lives have been shattered and have been saved by this service….don’t cut this service. It works…”

*Geoffrey has asked that we change his name for this case study.