Kayleigh’s history of offending and drug use were ruining her life and taking a huge toll on her family. Framework helped her get her life back together with specialist support for people with offending histories.

Before Framework

"I was sofa surfing and rough sleeping for a few years, always getting into trouble with the law for trying to make money so I could survive and buy drugs. I was always with the wrong type of people. I was depressed and looked a mess at the lowest point of my life."

How I was helped

"Framework gave me the life-line I needed as nobody else wanted to know, and they supported me and helped me choose the best path to take in my life."

How I have changed

"Step by step I am turning my life around. I don’t have a drug habit anymore and I have finally got goals and ambitions I want to achieve. Since I became more stable I have found my independence which helped me prove to my family I have now changed and they now know I have grown up."

Without Framework?

"I would have been in and out of prison, would still have a drug addiction and life would have gotten worse. I also  would not have had any contact with my family and the rest don’t bare thinking about."

My Future

"I have come a long way since I had Framework support and I am now volunteering at The Sherwood Street Centre. My plan is to get a full time job and change other people’s lives.

The importance of this service

"If it closed...crime will go up a hell of a lot and then the economy will suffer and homelessness will increase."