Pau, 39, was in and out of prison - committing crime to fund his drug addiction and his living costs. He was homeless and, in his own words, “a total mess.” Framework helped him to find suitable accommodation and helped him to be stable again.”

Before Framework

“Before I got into Framework accommodation I was in and out of prison, living each day thieving to support my drug habit and to eat. I was sofa surfing, living on the streets, in parks and in doorways. My life was a total mess. I felt worthless, scruffy and out of control.”

How I have been helped

“When I last left prison in July 2011 I stayed with friends and family but when I was offered accommodation [with help and support from Framework] I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything I there for me and because of this I am clean. I am off drugs and back in touch with my son. I feel confident again and that is all down to Framework.”

“I have had a few slip-ups but Framework has kept me feeling safe. They are always there when I need them. When I do move on from here I will have my own property and that will be mostly down to my keyworker.”

Without Framework

“I would have been homeless.”

My future

“I see myself (hopefully) with a secure home and to be in full time employment.”

The importance of this service

“Because it is an asset to help people who are in need. People need Framework because they have unfortunate past. Framework are there to help people who don’t have a roof over their heads.”