Michelle was in “total despair” when she was first helped by Framework. She was homeless, addicted to alcohol and drugs, estranged from her family and tired with life. With the help of Framework’s Potter Street accommodation she is now living independently and thriving. She cherishes the company of her family and is enjoying life again.

Before Framework

“When I moved into Framework my life was in total despair. I had drug and alcohol addictions and both were very severe. I also had mental and physical health issues and life was that bad that at this point that I did not want to live any more. I had also lost all contact with my children and extended family. From moving into Framework my life started to change for the better with lots and lots of help from every member of staff.

How I was helped

“They helped me come to terms with the issues in my life I hadn’t faced before. I was given help to contact the right people who gave me the right tools to change my life…the accommodation I was given was exceptional and it made my journey to recovery easier to cope with. It really made a big difference.”

How I have changed

“I am drug and alcohol free and have been for the past eight years. I am back in touch with my family again – with my children and grandchildren whom I see daily. I also have my own local authority one bedroom flat and I am part of the local community. I volunteer and give what I can and my children have their mother back.”

Without Framework

“I truly believe I would be dead.”

My future

“I see my future positively with a life that is full. I also want to be a good mother.”

The importance of this service

“This service should be protected because it helps people like me. And what would happen to all the people who need the help and support that changed my life and the lives of others. Without this service Worksop would be overrun with people sleeping rough, drinking and taking drugs. Crime will also go up.”