Jason, 41, was homeless with his partner in the Mansfield area. When the couple weren’t sofa surfing they were living in a tent and placing themselves in danger. Framework’s Sherwood Street Accommodation in Mansfield has helped them to “live again.”

Before Framework

“Basically I was homeless with my partner since May 2013. We were living in a tent or sofa surfing or in squats – sometimes in very dangerous places. I had lost all faith in the system but six weeks ago I got the chance to prove myself.”

How I was helped

“I have basically found out what is like to live again. I can relax and appreciate living again. It’s knowing now that my illness will start to heal again as I will be at less risk for infection.”

How I have changed

“To be honest everyone I know has all said they have seen a rapid improvement to what I looked like just since seven weeks ago. They actually told me I look a ‘proper picture of health!’”

Without Framework

“I would not have seen another winter through that’s for sure – not if it was going to be minus 14 again like it was last year.”