Alex* was trapped in an unhealthy cycle of drug, alcohol abuse and jail. His relationship with his family was broken and he was on a down ward spiral towards street homelessness and oblivion. Russell House in Newark has changed his life.

Before Framework

“I was homeless and been to prison. I was taking drugs and drinking excessively. I could not seem to get out of the cycle – of drink, drugs and prison.”

How I was helped

“Russell House has helped me greatly. I have my own tenancy and am not so reliant on alcohol as my crutch. I have stayed of drugs and have recently started my own business. It’s early days but it’s going really well. It has also helped me to get my relationship back with my son."

How I have changed

“I have changed my whole outlook on life. I was on a downward spiral, but with the help I got from Framework services has given me good things to focus in and to be more positive about. It has also made me a better parent.”

Without Framework

“If it hadn’t been for Framework I would still be on the downward spiral of alcohol, drugs and prison. There would be a very great chance of me being dead.”

My future

“My future is now much more positive. I have lots to look forward to in my personal and my business life and can now focus on good things again.”

The importance of Russell House

“This service needs to be protected for people like me – people who have had no skills or qualifications. It has completely turned my life around and has given me so much to look forward to.”

*Alex has asked that we do not reveal his real name.