Thomas, 26, was homeless. He was deep in debt, sofa surfing and his life was going nowhere. Without the help of Russell House in Newark he believes he would have become street homeless.

Before Framework

My life was pretty awful. I had financial problem, I was sofa surfing and I was not moving forward. I had no positive things to look forward to and no hope. I felt depressed, despondent and like I had no future.

How I have been helped

Russell House has helped me loads. They have supported d me to address previous rent arrears, they have accommodated and put me on the right track.

How I have changed

I have a better outlook on life and am more positive about the future. I feel secure now.

Without Framework

Without Framework I wouldn’t have been able to cope and I would have been street homeless

The importance of this service

Russell House needs to be protected because it does so much for homeless people in the community. Without Framework those people would be lost.