Michelle, 36, felt like “the bottom had dropped out of her world” when her relationship broke down and she became homeless. Framework’s Russell House emergency accommodation service in Newark helped her to rebuild her life. This is her remarkable story…

Before Framework

“I was made homeless because of a relationship breakdown and I ended up feeling like the bottom had dropped out of my world. I was feeling very low and depressed and that was making my leg ulcer worse. My future at this point seemed very bleak. I had no prospects, I was lonely, and it was all very upsetting to think about.”

How I was helped

“Russell house helped me enormously, by building my confidence back up, pointing me in the right direction for help and information and for courses to improve my CV and get my own tenancy and get a job. It also gave me the opportunity to volunteer and even to improve confidence and get more skills to get a job.”

How I have changed

“I have changed a great deal. I am more confident and have a much brighter outlook on life. I have a much healthier mind and don’t look to the negative so much. I can deal with my problems better and don’t worry so much.”

Without Framework

“If it had not been for Framework I probably would be living in a grotty bedsit or shared house with a very bleak outlook on life. I would be depressed and just wallowing in self-pity.”

My future

“My future feels a whole lot better. I have got my own tenancy, I have the skills to maintain that tenancy. I have recently started volunteering for Framework and recently won Volunteer of the Year at the Framework staff awards. I have had my own tenancy for more than a year and recently got a full time job!

The importance of Russell House

“This service needs to be protected because it helps people get their life back on track… the help and support I got from Framework has been one of the greatest assets of my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.”