Timothy,30, was in crisis. He was struggling with debts and had just split from his partner. He had nowhere to go and was sofa surfing with family. Framework helped him to address his problems and apply for independent accommodation. 

Before Framework

“My life was ‘shut’ and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I had just split up with my long-term partner and had to leave our home. I didn’t know which way to turn and was sofa surfing with family at the age of 30. I had a drink and drug problem which was spiralling out of control and I had a lot of debts. I didn’t see a future and wanted to end it all.

How I was helped

“Framework refocused me and gave me confidence. They helped me address my alcohol use and to access the Recovery Partnership [a specialist treatment programme]; they helped me look at my debts and set up affordable repayment plans which were a massive weight off my mind.

“They also helped me apply for independent accommodation, and helped me to budget my money and helped me to remove my name from the joint tenancy we had.”

The difference Framework has made

“I am not drinking or smoking cannabis as much as before. I am in control of my debts; I feel more confident; I am controlling my temper more and I wouldn’t have a life without this service. It has given me my life back.”

Without Framework

“It would knock me back again. I would be worried and wouldn’t know where to turn to.”

My future

“I would like to think I could get a flat on my own.”