Rachel was using drugs and struggling to keep a roof over her head. She lost custody of her children and very nearly lost all hop for her future. Framework helped her to address her problems and keep a roof over her head. She is now dreaming of a much brighter future.

Before Framework

“I was in a lot of arrears with the council and then I lost custody to my children. I was made to pay the bedroom tax and I was very depressed as I could not deal with the bills or keep a roof over my head. I was burying my head in the sand and things were getting worse.”

How I was helped

“I was helped to address my arrears and to get a solicitor to represent me in court. I was supported to set up payment plans with people and they helped me to get on the right benefits. This has made it easier for me to manage my debts and allowed me to stay in my home.”

How I have changed

“I don’t feel depressed any more. I can now see a way forward and I am looking forward to my future. I have started to have a good night’s sleep and am looking after myself a lot better as I no longer have to choose between eating and keeping warm. I feel confident and strong enough to never do drugs again.”

Without Framework

“I do honestly believe that I would not be here. Things had got that bad I could not cope any more. I felt I had nothing to live for and probably would have relapsed with my drug use.”

My future...

“I feel a lot happier knowing I have a roof over my head and knowing that Framework are around if I should need them.”

Why this service should be protected…

“Because people are going to suffer. There will be more people on the streets, people will be losing their families and children because they can’t afford to keep their home going. There will be nobody to turn to and that is a very scary thought.”