Andy* found it difficult to get through each day. He was homeless and had no confidence in himself. He saw no future at all. Framework's Potter Street emergency accommodation at Potter Street, Worksop, helped him.

Before Framework

“Before Framework I was dealing with depression, difficulty at home due to my sexuality, and issues due to how I was treated as a child. I found it difficult to get through each day, and didn't expect to be alive for much longer.”

How I was helped...

“This service gave me somewhere to live, helped me learn how to live on my own, and helped build my confidence up enough to eventually live alone. They helped me with my depression, ensuring that I took my medication and went to counselling appointments. If any problems with money came up they did all they could to help me. The people were friendly and respectful, and helped me overcome my distrust of people.”

 How I have changed….

 “This service helped me grow and change as a person, they gave me somewhere to live, and helped me obtain the flat I currently live at. Helped me become confident and happy with who I am, helped me overcome depression.

 Without Framework…

“If not for Framework I don't think I'd be alive now. I'd have had nowhere to live, and no one to turn to.”

 The importance of this service…

“This service should be protected as there is nowhere as capable or helpful, they've helped me in so many different ways and help others in even more. This is an invaluable service that should be kept active for many years to come, to keep providing their outstanding work.”

*Andy has asked that we change his name.