Mr & Mrs Wesley


Mrs Wesley has been a full-time carer to her husband since he suffered a debilitating stroke. As a result she suffered financially and emotionally and almost lost her home to debt and mortgage arrears. Framework helped her to stay in her home.

Before Framework…

“I am a carer and have had problems with obtaining financial support to sort out my mortgage and debt problems with no help from tee banks or usual sources. I did not know where to turn, which caused me a great deal of worry ad affected my health. Without Framework’s support I don’t know what I would have done.”  

How I was helped

“They have given me a little piece of mid and supported me when I most needed them. There is always someone just a phone call away to help solve a problem or crisis. My husband had a stroke which has taken his speech so I cannot leave him for long.”

The difference it made

“I feel I can face difficult problems because I know they’re there to talk to. When you are a carer in my position the isolation gets you down each and every day is the same. Friends stop calling and family are gone, at least Framework is always there.”

Without Framework…

“Eventually we would have lost our home and the worry would have made me ill. Framework helps to find solutions for people, to give them choice and to get some sort of life back.”

Why this service is so important

“If it wasn’t there what else would there have been? They are caring people – a face to speak to and not just an hour on the telephone going nowhere. It needs to be available for everybody.”