Kerry B


Kerry's life was out of control. She was hooked on cannabis and had attempted suicide. She was homeless and had no future. Framework helped her to get back into education and discover a future.

Before Framework

"My life before Framework was out of control. I had no friends; my depression was all over the place. I was also hooked on cannabis and saw no way out other than to commit suicide as I have attempted it many times in the past."

How they have helped

"It has helped me to get my depression under control. I am now studying Maths and English at North Notts College. I am also improving my cooking skills and now have lots of friends and see a bright future ahead of myself."

My progress

"It’s helped me to get off of cannabis and improve my living skills so I feel more confident that when I get my own place I can cope and know how to sort my bills out etc."

Without Framework

"My life would have continued to go out of control and would have ended up committing suicide. I would not have been able to come with life the way it was before."

My future

"Thanks to Framework I see a future for myself. Once I finish my Maths and English courses I hope to study childcare and one day work in a nursery.

"If it wasn’t for Framework I wouldn’t be here now and millions of people that was or are in my shoes would not be able to get the help they needed."