Isobel, 54, cannot read or write. When letters started arriving about her benefit entitlements and threatening her with eviction she had no idea where to turn for help. Framework helped her stay in her home and end what she described as a "nightmare."

Before Framework...

It was a nightmare. Full of stress. I cannot read or write so I was getting a great deal of letters and I didn’t know what they said. I didn't know how to deal with them. They were from the council, I felt very scared as I  was not sure who to contact.  My friend called Framework.

How were you helped?

"I was supported to attend court to prevent my eviction and they [Framework] liaised with the council for me. In the end instead of me owing them money - they owed me £704 which they gave me back. I know now that I can contact them by phone if I need them or have a problem. Framework have supported with the confusing changes in my incapacity & ESA claims."

What difference did this service make?

"I can sleep easier now knowing I have someone to support me, who can help when I need it. Framework helped me keep my property."

What would have happened without this service?

"I would have been homeless or on the street. I have mental health issues and learning difficulties. I’m dyslexic and I have mobility issues.  Plus I would have no income in place, as I’m totally lost by whole system."

The future

"My future is a lot easier with Framework – without them I don’t know where I’d be."

Why should this service be protected?

"Because Framework help a lot of vulnerable people like me.

Thank you Framework!"