Rebecca’s relationship with her mum had broken down. She had nowhere to go and a lot to learn about life. Elizabeth House put a roof over her head and gave her sense of independence and self-respect.

Before Framework?

Before Framework I was living with my mum and our relationship was on the rocks. I made her life hell, I was very naive and didn’t appreciate her or anything she had done. Looking into the future was very daunting…especially when I didn’t have any live skills to live independently.

How Elizabeth House has helped

Elizabeth House has helped me come to terms with reality, including apologising to my mother and building  a relationship with her. It has helped me be independent and to appreciate everything a lot more. I have gained a lot more respect for myself and for others. It has helped me get by and feel a lot more positive about things.

My progress...

I have become independent, respectful, and can have a lot more of a relationship with people. I f I didn’t know the kind of life skills I know now I really don’t know where I would be. I am very grateful for what I know now.

Without Elizabeth House?

I would still be sofa surfing and still be thinking that I know it all. I would not be very happy and, deep down, I would be lost.

My future..

I see a very positive future now. It’s easier for me not to hold grudges and to carry on. I am hoping that in the future I can somehow thank Elizabeth House for believing in me

Why should Elizabeth House be protected?

Elizabeth House tackles homelessness n three borough. It would be insane to remove this service and what it offers. It moves people on and brings in other homeless people. Elizabeth House does a great job.