My life was so uncertain which caused me to relapse and become dependant on drugs, a lifestyle I had previously worked very hard to leave behind.

My chaotic lifestyle, lack of family, friends and shoplifting all contributed to my spiralling addiction. It all had a massive impact on my mental health, I was not coping with my life.

This was noticed by the Street Outreach Team and they referred me to Opportunity Nottingham [a specialist agency supporting people with multiple needs] . My life at this point had become so unbearable and without any direction, I made a serious attempt to end my life.

Thankfully my attempt was unsuccessful and the decision was made that I needed the support. I was allocated a support worker who could help me with this.

My support worker helped me and worked closely with me. Through his dedication and tenacity we were able to overturn things. I could not have reached this turning point in my life without his help.