“I slept rough for 20 years – mostly around Lincolnshire. It’s hard to explain to people why I lived that way for so long but I really wanted to support myself.

"People offered to help me along the way but I didn’t want to rely on other people. I had put myself in that situation and I wanted to sort things out myself.

“Eventually I knew that it wasn’t doing me any good and that I needed help, but that help had to come from the right source, because I’d been going round in a circle for so long. When Framework started to help me it all changed. They were able to get me housed under a duty of care by the council – something I knew nothing about.

“The first time I met them I was in an alleyway I used to sit in in town. They said they could help but I really didn’t believe them. I just said ‘you can try but I don’t think I can be helped.’ When they came to me a few weeks later and said ‘we’ve got a flat we want you to view I just couldn’t believe it.

“If somebody had told me I would be in this situation three years ago I would have laughed my head off, but the outreach team really did give me a fresh start in life and I will always be grateful for that help.”