Moving Forward – Steps to Independence

Nottinghamshire, 25 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 6NX

About us

Moving Forward – Steps to Independence is a free housing related support and accommodation service for people in Nottinghamshire who are experiencing mental health problems.The service assists men and women over the age of 18 get the support they need to overcome housing difficulties or becoming homeless. For people who require additional support to develop their everyday living skills and move towards independent living the service also provides high quality supported accommodation.

Staff offer tailored one-to-one support to help service users confront and overcome a wide range of problems, including dealing with landlords and mortgage lenders, debt and benefit issues, typically over a period of around 12 months. The service also links people in to education, volunteering and employment opportunities in order to promote social inclusion and support their recovery journey.

What we are doing

Mental health difficulties are both a cause and effect of homelessness. Without support Mental Health issues can combine with other personal problems and lead with frightening speed to a vulnerable person becoming homeless. For people who are already homeless, meanwhile, unaddressed and untreated mental health issues can prove an insurmountable barrier to living independently.
The Steps to Independence service offers interventions that avert people’s slide towards crisis and helps them along a clear and structured pathway to stable and independent living. 

Contact and referral

People can be referred to the Moving Forward service in via their mental health worker, for further information people can contact their local office: 

South Nottinghamshire

North Nottinghamshire 


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