Men’s Complex Needs

Nottingham, Colville House, 10 - 14 Colville Street, Nottingham, NG1 4HQ

About us

The Men’s Complex Needs service provides self-catered supported housing in Nottingham city which comprises individual bedrooms with shared kitchens and lounges. Staff, who focus on harm reduction and the promotion of health and recovery, coordinate a structured support package that links closely with other specialist interventions and treatment. They work in partnership with a network of voluntary, statutory and community organisations to ensure the immediate and ongoing health and social care needs of service users are both assessed and addressed.

Service users typically present with a range of complex issues, including a history of rough sleeping, drug and alcohol abuse, mental and physical ill health and a record of offending behaviour.
The service promotes the kind of skills and competencies that are required for residents to live independently in the future, including financial responsibility, cooking, cleaning, responsible behaviour and the promotion of personal hygiene.

What we are doing

 The Men’s Complex Needs Service works with some of the most challenging and hard to reach men in the Nottingham area – many of whom have repeatedly fallen through society’s safety nets. The job of staff is far from easy but it is extremely worthwhile. Homelessness, substance abuse and challenging behaviour have a negative impact on us all – not just on those who are directly affected. The cost to society – to the health service, the criminal justice system and to government is enormous. By addressing and resolving these issues staff at The Men’s Complex Needs Service are providing a vital preventative service that effectively tackles homelessness and social exclusion.

Contact and Referral

All referrals  Complex Needs Service have to come through Nottingham City Council via The Gateway at Housing Aid on 0115 876 3300, or in person at 135 Lower Parliament Street,
Nottingham NG1 1EE.

Applicants will be invited to an interview where their needs and support packages can be discussed.

The team will then make a decision on whether this service is right for them.

Phone: 0115 850 4153

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