Skills Plus

Nottingham, The EVE Centre, , 36 Bentinck Road, , Nottingham , NG7 4AF

About us

Skills Plus is a Framework service that is offered to Framework service users to help them develop skills to live independently.

The Skills Plus team understand that people who use Framework’s services will have an existing skill-set and want to encourage them to build upon it.

Skills Plus is a Framework service that can support people to develop skills in:

  •       Effectively managing your money
  •       Communication
  •       Successfully sustaining your tenancy or mortgage
  •       Positively promoting health and well-being.

Each session runs for approximately two hours and is designed to help people achieve their goals and improve these skills. Sessions all take place at a location that is easy and convenient for people to reach by public transport. Framework may also be able to provide travel expenses and refreshments.

The Sessions

We use a range of different learning methods and styles to keep people interested. We are not the typical learning environment - we inject fun, vibrancy and character into the sessions.

A session could consist of a mixture of group discussions, picture-based activities, quizzes, media clips followed by a question and answer session.

No two sessions are the same and we always give out useful hand outs to read in own time. To ensure that people are getting the most from Skills Plus we will offer extra support if needed and follow-on activities to help put the information into a real life context.

We welcome people from different backgrounds with different experiences. We know that some people are not confident with reading, writing, numbers and computers and will give extra support if necessary.

We will support and encourage people to try new things, gain new skills, share knowledge and ideas, build on confidence and stay motivated.


Phone: 0115 850 4093

How to sign up

Skills Plus is an internal service. If you currently use a Framework service, talk to your support worker about how you can access Skills Plus.

Skills Plus is funded by Children in Need.

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