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Nottingham, The Burrow, 40 Forest Road West, NG7 4EQ

Nature in Mind supports people with mental health issues, and promotes well-being and recovery, through engagement with nature and heritage-related activities in Nottinghamshire and beyond.

The service was developed as a new service from the experience and evidence gathered through the past four years of Gateway to Nature. Gateway to Nature supported people to overcome barriers that had a negative impact on their lives including confidence, social isolation or health problems. You can read the Gateway to Nature Evaluation July 2014 here.

Nature in Mind is a Framework service for adults which draws on the unique capacity of heritage and nature to restore and improve mental and physical health.

Evidence shows that spending time in heritage and natural environments can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety                 
  • Help reduce the need for medication
  • Reduce levels of depression              
  • Help overcome isolation and social exclusion
  • Improve physical health                    
  • Improve mood and self esteem

Nature in Mind provides varied opportunities and activities related to heritage and nature in small, supportive groups.


How to Get Involved

You can apply to Nature in Mind if you are over 18, feel you are excluded or experience mental health difficulties such as depression or anxiety, and would find it difficult to access local heritage and nature sites without support. You don’t need a medical diagnosis.

To take part in Nature in Mind ask your support worker, health professional, or doctor to complete our referral form, or if you are not able to do this you can complete it yourself.

Once we have received your completed referral form we will contact you by letter to let you know that you have been accepted and are now free to book onto activities.

To download our referral form click here.

Bestwood Winding Engine House


Nature in Mind publishes a new activities programme every two months, which include weekly sessions on St Ann's Allotment, Southwell Minster, Attenborough Nature Reserve, Sherwood Forest, Newstead Abbey, the Arboretum and many other interesting places..

The latest activities brochure can be downloaded here:

Narrowboat trip

Conservation Activities: Making a difference to natural heritage

British Wildlife is under threat and needs all the support it can get. Conservation activities offer us the chance to help look after local green spaces and make them better for both wildlife and people. Some organisations run free events for Nature in Mind and the conservation activities offer an opportunity to give something back. Activities take place at a gentle pace with regular breaks for rest and a hot drink. They can help you develop new skills such as learning to use tools and how certain wildlife areas are looked after and why.  Activities may include trimming back vegetation, controlling invasive species, planting, and managing hedgerows. Why not give it a go and feel like you are making a difference to natural heritage.


About the Project

Nature in Mind is an innovative eco-therapy service operated by Framework. The service received a grant of £79.700 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to expand upon its existing work supporting people to access heritage and the natural world.

We work closely with GPs and medical practitioners, other community groups, organisations and custodians of green spaces.  This allows us to offer a wide range of nature and heritage-related opportunities across Nottinghamshire to people who would otherwise struggle to access them.  We run successfully thanks to the hard work and commitment of our wonderful volunteers.

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