Skills for Independence

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About us

Framework’s Skills for Independence programme changes lives by providing people with the skills they need to move away from homelessness for ever.

They might not seem like much on their own but basic household skills like cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, and retaining good neighbourly relations can make a world of difference to people’s life chances. 

Key skills sessions are crucial to young people s development

Young service users take part in a Skills for Independence session

What we are doing

People who have experienced homelessness can find themselves locked into a cycle of social exclusion and deprivation because they lack both the fundamental skills necessary to live independently and the confidence to believe that they can master these skills. The Skills for Independence (S4I) programme is designed to break that cycle once and for all and to teach the skills necessary to live independently. It will soon be offered to residents across our accommodation sites.

Service users, who range from former rough sleepers to troubled teenagers in danger of entrenched social exclusion, cover three key areas:

  • Moving in (the skills necessary to run a successful home

  • Moving out (the fundamental skills required to live independently),

  • Moving on (maintaining the confidence to live truly independently and leave behind a homeless life-style.

When combined these units are sufficient to take a former rough sleeper living in emergency accommodation from emergency hostel accommodation, through a successful tenancy in the community and on toward a life of independent living – with little or no further contact with Framework.

We believe this service to be one our most impactful, cost effective and life enhancing and look forward to seeing its impact on people’s lives in the years to come.

Contact and Referral

Skills for Independence sessions are offered in all Framework accommodation and are not accessible to people outside the organisation.


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