Roofus is Framework's mascot. His story is a great way of introducing children to the idea of homelessness without causing undue worry or concern. 

Roofus was very happy. He lived in a lovely small house and had a job as a bouncy castle designer. He loved his work and was good atit. When he wasn’t at work he liked watching football and supporting his favourite team....

...But one day, Roofus’ boss at the bouncy castle company said that they didn’t have enough money to pay him and he couldn’t work there anymore.

Roofus Leaving Factory

Roofus was very sad and didn’t know what to do. He tried and tried to find a new job,but no-one had enough money to pay him. In the end he ran out of money and didn’t have enough to pay the rent for his house...

The woman who owned the house said if he didn’t pay Roofus couldn’t live there anymore. So Roofus packed his bag with as much as he could carry, said goodbye to his house and walked down the street.

IMG 0129

Where could he go? He thought of his Mum and Dad and of his friends, but he couldn’t tell them he’d lost his job and his house. There was his Nan and Grandad or his Aunt and Uncle, but they didn’t have a spare room.

That first night he didn’t have anywhere to go and it was cold and raining. He hadn’t had anything to eat for ages and he was very hungry. He walked along the streets for a long time, carrying his heavy bag.

He was really tired when he found a bridge and saw that it was dry underneath, so he decided to lay down there for the night and try to sleep. It was very cold. He was shivering. Brrr! He put on all the clothes he had in his bag to try and keep warm. He didn’t sleep very much that night.

Roofus under a bridge

For six nights he went to bed under the bridge. He was always hungry and thirsty because he didn’t have enough money to buy anything to eat or drink. He missed having a home to go to every evening, his friends and being able to buy the things he wanted. He missed going to the cupboard and choosing what he wanted to eat for his supper, having a shower in the morning and putting on clean clothes.

He felt very sad and lonely, but who would help him?

Then, a week after he left his lovely home, he was waking up under the bridge one morning, when a nice lady came up to him and asked him his name. She said she was from a place called Framework and that she was there to help him.

 Roofus and Framework Lady

Roofus moved into one of Framework’s houses, so he had a home again. Framework is a special place for people like Roofus who haven’t got a home, or who might lose their home. Everyone who goes to Framework is special in a different way.

Lots of people help Framework so they can help people like Roofus. Framework helped Roofus find a new job and he was soon happy again in his new house with his new job, and some lovely new friends.

Roofus at new home