Chair's Introduction

I was delighted to be nominated as the Chair of Framework in November 2015. It is a huge privilege to lead an organisation that plays such a vital role in the lives of homeless and vulnerable people.

Having worked in public health throughout my career, I was already aware of what Framework did, but what I have enjoyed most about my tenure so far has been the opportunity to learn just how impactful that work is.

Peter BarrettAs I have visited services across the East Midlands I have met some truly remarkable people: staff who go above and beyond what is expected of them because they believe so passionately in their work; and service users whose lives have been transformed by the support they have received.

Indeed, I really have been inspired by the people I have met and the personal stories I have heard. But what encourages me most about Framework is not necessarily the quality of outcomes we deliver; it is the unflinching commitment to reach out even to the most chaotic and challenging individuals – men and women whom others cannot or will not support.

In 2015/16 Framework supported more than 11,000 people, each of them with their own unique challenges and opportunities. We did so by maintaining access to a genuine pathway of services that, despite severe and on-going pressure, remains capable of supporting everyone we help along a clear journey of personal progression.

This publication provides a progress report on each stage of that pathway which includes prevention, outreach, accommodation, support and treatment, education and employment, and (finally) support to live independently. I am indebted to my predecessor Bob McKittrick for working so hard to make this pathway a reality. I am honoured to carry on his work.

My thanks go to everyone who has contributed to our work over the last 12 months. I hope you will be as inspired by this report as I am.