'Framework helped me to be proud of myself'

23 Aug 2013
by Hanna-Louise

My name is Hanna-Louise. It’s not always been my name but we’ll get on to that later. I am 17-and-a-half years-of-age and I live on my own in a supported housing flat provided by Framework.

A lot of people my age want to live on their own; the funny thing is I didn’t want to – not quite yet anyway.

I only ended up here when my mum kicked me out and I had nowhere else to go. My life before living on my own was so much different to what it is now. I struggled with school because of problems at home and I was always bullied. I was a carer for my mum and younger brother, Lewis. He’s only nine.  

I am very proud of what I have become now, and that’s all thanks to Framework. I have become so much more independent, confident and mature.


Because my mum struggled with depression and anxiety she never left the house, even to take Lew to school. She never cleaned the house either, she left all the cooking and cleaning down to me and, most of the time, I was in control of when Lew went to school too. In my own final year of school I would take him to school most mornings.

Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield

This in turn made me late for school and I was constantly in trouble with my tutors, teachers and head teacher because I missed so many classes and my grades were affected. The reason I got kicked out of my mum’s was because we argued too much and it was too much stress.

But it has turned out to be the best thing ever for me. I was offered supported accommodation (a one bedroom flat with staff on call 24 hours a day) through Framework and wow, did my life change! It was hard at first struggling off my tiny income through work; I work in a sports shop as a sales assistant. But the staff here were great!

They helped me set up my benefits and helped me settle in. I also receive support in moving on from here into my own flat, there is a course called Skills For Independence which basically is 15 sessions long and teaches you about confidence building, communication skills, managing things like your own flat and money and is very very helpful.

I also have a keyworker which basically is a member of staff that helps with any problem you may have; from a broken washing machine to family support. I live in a fully furnished flat that now has my own stamp on it. Nearly everything is pink! I now work full time so not claiming benefits, my rent always gets paid, I have full cupboards and everything I didn’t really have when I was living with my mum – including a better relationship with my brother. We always argued when we lived together but now I get hugs and everything!

I am very proud of what I have become now, and that’s all thanks to Framework. I have become so much more independent, confident and mature. I have made great friends here too! Gemma and Harriet are my rocks! For when things go slightly wrong, they’re there for me! And I’m sure it’s the other way around too! Now I have had a year off to settle in and make these new friends, I am now going back to sixth form to do English, Fashion and History and I cannot wait!

Now I’m all settled in and happier with my life, I have worked up the courage to begin writing a book so make sure you watch this space! Oh and I changed my name because it’s awesome, isn’t it? Better than Hannah Louise Redington-Reid anyway…

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  • David saunders
    23 August 2013, 15:06

    Framework is there when you need them. I got to say a big thank you to shrewood street staff for helping me

  • glenys harriman
    27 August 2013, 19:35

    Heart-warming. Well done Framework and all the other social housing providers who help young people in difficult situations.

  • Anonymous commenter
    31 August 2013, 09:42

    Depression is often a damaging illness which affects thousands of families. How comforting to know that there is support like Framework to help families survive this sad illness. I hope Hanna-Louise, her brother and their mum all get the support and happiness they all deserve

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