Service users star in Minster art exhibition

28 Jan 2013
by Neil Skinner

People whose lives have been touched by the issue of homelessness are the stars of the show at a new art exhibition at Southwell Minster.

The exhibition, formally unveiled on Saturday at Framework's annual church service, comprises an array of thought-provoking works by people from all over the region who have been helped by the charity.

The exhibition, materials for which were kindly donated by Geoff Ball & Co, will remain in place throughout the next week.

Curator Helen Sills, who is also a Framework board member, explained: “The power of artistic expression in the lives of homeless and vulnerable people cannot be underestimated. The simple act of creating art work can greatly enhance self esteem and confidence. 

Curator Helen Sills (right) with Framework Chief Executive Andrew Redfern and Minster Service Organiser Natalie Goodrich

Curator Helen Sills (right) with Framework Chief Executive Andrew Redfern and Minster Service Organiser Natalie Goodrich

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the artists who have submitted these thought provoking and colourful works. I am delighted to have been able to work with them to bring together such a high quality collection of work and am thankful to the Minster for providing such a beautiful setting.

“The responses I have received form visitors so far have been terrific. I encourage anyone who is able to take a look for themselves.”

Just a couple of the terrific works on display

Just a couple of the terrific works on display

Full details of works, contributors and related Framework services can be found below:

Sherwood Street, Mansfield 

1. Shawn Knight: “Disconnected”  original work, pencil on paper 
2. Shawn Knight: “ Shark” copy and original pencil on paper
3. Shawn Knight: "Skull” copy and original pencil on paper
4. Shawn Knight: “ Eye” copy and original pencil on paper

Pathways Centre, Lincoln

5. James Agnew:  Lincoln Cathedral, photograph on canvas
6. Michael Anderson:  King George’s St George, photograph on canvas
7. Michael Anderson:  Lincoln Castle Ground. photograph  
    on canvas 

Hughendon Lodge 

8. Carl: The Rose, acrylic on canvas
9. Darrel: Collage, mounted and framed photographs

Waterloo Crescent

10. Mark Foster: Robin Hoods Bay, emulsion, graphite and
    charcoal on paper
11. Mark Foster: Robin Hoods Bay 2,  emulsion, graphite and       
    charcoal on paper
12. Mark Foster: Lizard, ceramic mosaic on plaster
(If you would like to commission work from Mark please contact him through Framework Service at Waterloo Crescent)

Gateway to Nature 

13. Little Mermaid, fired clay
14. The Bus to Rufford, fired clay
15. Flower Patterned Dish,   fired clay
16. Flower Candles,  cinnamon scented candles
17. Recycled, carrier bags ironed together (see both sides)
18. Christmas stars,  willow
19. Christmas Wreath   willow and fir cones
20. Hanging Mosaic Decoration, fired clay, beads, coloured 
21. Lanterns for the Hindu ceremony of Lohri   willow,
     paper, wax created at Whitemoor allotments with City Arts
22. Willow project at Windmill community gardens Bobbersmill
23. Mosaics glass on plaster
24. Framed Mosaic, painting
25. Dolphins playing, painted silk
26. Leaf and feather, monoprints
27. Leaf Bird Box, carved and painted wood nesting box
28. Bird Box, hinged opening nesting box

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