How your support made Christmas brighter

22 Jan 2013
by John Tween

Almost one month ago, we asked our supporters to help make somebody’s Christmas a little brighter. Before long, hundreds of responses began tumbling through Framework’s letter box just in time to beat the Christmas rush, and many more continue to do so.

It is with this incredible response in mind that we would like to say a warm, heartfelt thank you to everybody who chose to make a difference to the people we support.

This Christmas for the first time, we offered you the chance to include a personal message to the people who Framework would support during the festive period. In turn, Katie, Malcolm, Sammi and Gary all chose to share their stories to bring to light the reality behind homelessness in our region.

The donations of £10 or more that our supporters generously sent through allowed the people we help, who can experience extreme isolation and loneliness at Christmas time, to feel a sense of togetherness with festive parties, meals and gift-buying. And whilst these donations made all the difference to hundreds of lives, this year people like Sammi said that it was the personal messages that were really touching.

It really showed that people care who we are. They didn’t feel cheesy; they were truthful and personal


Sammi also gave particular gratitude for one present he received (“the chocolate!”), and other residents at Framework’s Outram Street service enjoyed a few rounds of board games, saying that the occasion really “brought staff and service users together.” Meanwhile, at our Chatsworth House service more chocolate and festive food was enjoyed by residents.

Christmas is a time of togetherness and warmth for most of us. As the cold continues to bite hard, we would like to convey our sincerest gratefulness to those supporters who kept in mind the people who have nobody, for whom this time of year can be a monumental struggle. By getting involved you helped to ensure that the people we support not only had fun, but felt that somebody was there to make Christmas Brighter.

Thank you.

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