Thank you to all our volunteer street collectors

20 Dec 2012
by Neil Skinner

You may have seen them. You may even have given them a pound or two. If so then you’ll know what a tremendous job our little army of volunteer Christmas street collectors have done over the last couple of weeks!

More than 60 people from all walks of life donated their time to help us raise more than £2,300 for vulnerable people.

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving. It is also a time where people’s thoughts naturally turn to home – to their families, friends and loved-ones.

For some people, however, this Christmas could be their last in their current home; not because they are planning to move but because they will be made homeless in the New Year.

The money raised by our volunteers will help to keep these vulnerable people in their homes and spare them and their families the pain of homelessness. We will use it to help prevent evictions and repossessions in the courts and to provide in-home support to help people live independently.

What better Christmas gift can there be than the gift of security, stability and peace-of-mind to vulnerable people and families in the year ahead?

So, to all the people (those who braved the cold and damp in our high streets and the back office volunteers who took care of all necessary admin) who gave of their time so generously this month we would like to say a huge thank you. Your time and effort will have a very real impact on the lives of vulnerable people in the year ahead.

Below is a list if how much our various street collections raise:

  • Beeston: £251.83
  • Radcliffe on Trent: £305.32
  • Arnold: £151.26
  • Burton Joyce: £396.09
  • Mapperley: £156.30
  • Bingham: £198.91
  • West Bridgford: £146.79
  • Newark: £154.86
  • Nottingham City Centre: £554.61
  • Mansfield: TBC
  • Keyworth: TBC

Thank you again to all our volunteers and all the shoppers who donated this year.

To support our Christmas campaign please click here.

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