TV documentary shows that homelessness really can happen to anybody

13 Dec 2012
by Neil Skinner

Just 10 days ago we launched our Christmas campaign, asking supporters to help us keep people in their homes and spare them the pain of homelessness.

That homelessness really can happen to anybody is a message we work hard to get across.

Given the right (or more accurately the wrong) sequence of events anyone can find themselves in a situation where they simply have no place to call home. Some will seek and find help, whether from friends, family, local authorities or even organisations like Framework.

Only last week we launched our Christmas campaign to stop people like Kevin becoming homeless.

A minority, however, will fall through the cracks completely and end up living rough.

Former investment banker Kevin Browne is one of those people. Mr Browne was running a successful firm in the USA before the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. After the breakdown of his marriage and the collapse of his business he ended up living tough in a Croydon park.

Former investment banker Kevin Browne ended up sleeping rough in a park.

His story is one of many featured in a BBC documentary            to be screened tonight. Panorama:  Britain's Hidden Housing Crisis shows how even the most unlikely people are now finding themselves homeless.

The programme, to be screened on BBC One at 9pm, advertised itself as follows:

"Britain is in the grip of a housing crisis of a sort not seen before - where even the most unexpected people are finding themselves homeless. Every two and a half minutes someone in Britain is threatened with losing their home. This Panorama Special follows four stories over five months and reveals the devastating impact of being evicted from your own home and losing everything - from an investment banker now sleeping rough in a park in Croydon; to a businessman who lost his company in the recession; and a grandmother who gets cancer, has to stop working and then has her house repossessed."

To watch a preview click here.

We’ll be watching with interest, but will you?

To learn more and support our appeal please click here.




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