Barista - more than just a coffee shop

07 Aug 2019
by Devon Lee

Barista, located on the high-street of Sutton-in-Ashfield, is more than just coffee shop. It is a social enterprise helping people who face barriers into employment to gain lived experience. The barriers people face include experiencing or experienced homelessness, long-term unemployment, low self-esteem and limited self-belief.

This café, visited by more than 4,000 people every year, offers training, volunteering and employment opportunities to vulnerable people which otherwise would not exist.

Barista is an easy, accessible way for the community to help local people overcome challenges to reach employment and guests know that the coffee, cake and lunch bought tastes better when they know it is literally making a difference to lives.

At Framework, we believe the best way to help people overcome these barriers is to develop their skills, build their confidence and support them into employment. Lindsay Shooter, manager at Barista for eight year says;

“We help our employees to build confidence by socialising and having a routine. When people know they have a shift it gives them something to get out of the house for, a positive activity and it also helps develop hospitality skills”.

Employing people from living at and receiving support from Framework, the local schools and colleges and taking referrals from The Job Centre, Barista provides on-the-job training.

“We teach everything from customer service skills to food hygiene ratings and we really try to tailor the experience for each members of staff. When people come to us they are often at a very low-point, we’re here to motivate them and we really want them to enjoy Barista and to go on to gain other employment”.

Jobs in hospitality require experience, making it harder for young people and vulnerable people to begin careers in this sector.

“People do struggle, not many places employ people who have been out of work for a while, especially those who need extra support and encouragement”.

 As well as operating as a coffee shop and social enterprise, Barista also is a warm and welcoming hub for the community.

“It’s rare that you go to into a coffee shop and it feels like a family, some of our customers have their drinks waiting for them on the counter as they arrive because we know them so well!

“We serve freshly cooked food, our staff are friendly and go above and beyond. Just recently one of our customers went into hospital and all the staff went to visit. That’s not a part of our job but we want to, it’s rare and Barista is special”.

Barista is located in The Outram Centre, Outram street, Sutton in Ashfield, NG17 4AX, come and see it for yourself!

For those with short lunch breaks, pre-order via telephone 07756 202 758 and pick up at a time of your choosing.

Upcoming training day, birthday or event? Choose Barista! We have welcoming and seriously versatile spaces available to hire! Get in touch, call 07756 202 758 to find out more. 

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