"I’ve made great progress over the past few months" - Ryan SkillsPlus

18 Feb 2019
by Devon Lee

I met up with Ryan at The Crossing in Worksop. This was just before a regular Friday morning  Skills Plus session for Bassetlaw Brighter Futures. As per previous weeks, he had arrived early armed with his usual fare of a bacon and cheese cob. I started by asking him to describe himself. “Confident and hardworking, I do everything to the best of my ability. I’ve made great progress over the past few months and I’m now enjoying living on my own“

Ryan explained that prior to getting support from Framework life was not so rosy; “Hurting. Confidence shot to bits. No motivation. I had some abusive friends who made life a misery by taking my money and alienating me from family and friends. I was certainly rescued by Brighter Futures and going to the Skills Plus lessons. Framework services have helped me on my journey. I certainly needed a push to get my own place”.

Ryan stated that he can be easily led and he felt that it is mainly down to his learning difficulties and Aspergers. He continued, “I’ve had to fight for everything. I wasn’t diagnosed with Aspergers until I was 18 and I’m now 26. I’m much more focused now and the last couple of months have seen me move into my own property. It’s been a challenge, sometimes terrifying, but certainly rewarding”.

Ryan has worked for the past 6 years at the B&Q Distribution centre in Worksop. He says that they are supportive of his condition and he enjoys the work. He always has Fridays off and has been able to complete the Skills Plus course which focuses on three areas: You Matter, Housing Matters and Money Matters. Ryan enjoys the work at B&Q and as he describes it “I certainly put a shift in for them”. He thinks it is important to focus on what you can do and believes there are great benefits to working.

Brighter Futures have helped Ryan get his own property and he now thinks his budgeting has improved. ‘The Skills Plus sessions on budgeting, the real cost of running your home and shopping on a budget have certainly helped in this area. “I know when my bills are coming out and I make sure I have enough money for my shopping”.

Ryan concludes our chat as other learners arrive for the session and the bacon cob is devoured. “Living on my own is great. I enjoy the freedom and chilling out in the evenings after a hard days work. I’m managing my home and I am still improving my skills by continuing to come to these sessions. I know my support will stop in the near future, but I will be able to cope and continue growing as a person. The future is looking so much brighter. Thanks Framework!’

“Who wants tea or coffee?” “Can you pass the biscuits please?” “Guess what I did this week?” “What’s the lesson on today?” “Did you see that programme on TV last night?” “I’m looking forward to the Brighter Futures Christmas meal”.

The Skills Plus session is just about to start.

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