Sleeping Out in Memory of my Son

05 Nov 2018

"I’m taking part in The Big Sleep Out in memory of my son Steven. Steven had problems with alcohol and spent time living on the streets, sleeping rough. I couldn’t find him and spent a year searching the streets for him. He eventually did get a flat and was helped by Framework’s workshops.

"He tried his best to beat his addiction but unfortunately lost the fight at the age of 43. I miss him so. I am sleeping out to raise awareness of how addiction is just one of the ways people can end up sleeping rough.

"His girlfriend Susan was also an addict and sadly took her own life at the age of 36, a year before my son died. I find it heart breaking but at least they are both together now.

"My son left behind two beautiful daughters. One of them, Ceri, who was badly affected by the loss of her dad is sleeping out alongside me. We hope that we can raise plenty of money taking part in The Big Sleep Out, whilst raising awareness of the many reasons people can end up sleeping rough."

You can sign up for The Big Sleep Out here.

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