A new identity for Framework

19 Jul 2018
by Andrew Redfern

From today you will notice a change in how Framework presents itself as a charity. 

After months of preparation and with the involvement of hundreds of people, we are changing our corporate identity – the way we look, the way we explain our work, and the way we communicate with the outside world. 

The most immediate and obvious part of this change is our new logo.  It symbolises all the things we do – the many different services we provide, the way they work together, and the many different journeys taken by our service users.  The logo represents both a safety net for people who need one, and a platform for change.

IMG 7390

With its focus on the futures of the people and communities we help, our new strapline emphasises the one thing that unites everyone who uses our services and all those who work in them – their shared desire for a better future.

But there is more to this project than just a new logo. While the work we do has not changed, this new identity represents a fundamental re-imaging of who we are and what we do as an organisation.

IMG 7384

Why have we done this?

Seventeen years after we were established through the merger of two Nottingham-based homelessness charities, we now provide a range of life-enhancing services in four main areas – Housing, Health, Employment and Support & Care. This work takes place in more than 70 services across the region.

Helping homeless people always has been and always will be central to the work we do, but we are also doing hugely exciting work in other areas:

  • Providing specialist services for people with physical and mental health conditions
  • Supporting people into employment and empowering them to learn new skills
  • Providing specialist support and care services that improve people’s quality of life. 

This broader work has a transformative impact on individuals, their families and communities…. but has not always been receiving the recognition it deserves. 

Our current identity was developed 14 years ago, since when a mismatch has developed between our work, how we presented ourselves, and how Framework was perceived. 

This has serious implications for some of the people we support, who we know have been put off seeking our help as they didn’t see themselves as homeless or vulnerable. It was also confusing to the wider community who simply didn’t recognise the full potential of our charity. 

In looking at ways to address this confusion it became clear that our existing corporate identity – with its promise of “opening doors to homeless and vulnerable people” – was no longer fit for purpose. In seeking to address this issue we also took the opportunity to update our very tired and dated visual identity, which was severely limiting out ability to get our message across. 

Over the coming weeks and months you will see more of this new identity in our communications materials. However we wanted to make you aware on the day of launch what we are doing and why we have taken this course of action. 

We hope that you will continue to support our work as you have always done. 

Thank you.

Andrew Redfern is Chief Executive of Framework.

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