We are currently experiencing problems with our IT

09 Nov 2017
by Michael Leng

We are currently experiencing problems with our IT system linked to Malware.

The situation is under control and we are implementing our business continuity plan.  There has been no data breach or loss of data, and services are continuing as normal.

We know what the problem is and are working to fix it

Over the next few days we are taking down various IT and communications systems so a fix can be implemented, but it will take some time for our systems to return to their normal level of capacity.

This will make it much more difficult for you to contact us and for us to contact you. We may be unable to receive or reply to emails, and calls to us may not get through in the normal way

You can still call us on 0115 841 7711 for general enquires. Individual staff can be reached on their mobile phones. Other lines remain operational, including: 

  • Rough Sleepers Hotlines (Nottingham / Nottinghamshire 0800 066 5356, Sheffield 0800 066 5358)

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will bear with us during this period of work.

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