Volunteering - good for you and your community

02 Jun 2017
by Omied Hallam

In National Volunteers’ Week, we’re asking people to think differently - about what volunteering can do for them as well as for their community.

For many of us volunteering is solely about the giving of time to help others, but (while that kind of altruism is always welcome) there’s more to it than that.

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Framework uses volunteering not only to help in the running of services, but also as a way to fight social exclusion and isolation.

In short, volunteering with us is as much about people helping themselves than it is about them helping us. In short it is about opportunity.

There is so much more to volunteering than people think I think that a lot of people see volunteering as doing something for nothing; of giving time, effort and expertise in return only for a sense of personal satisfaction.

That is brilliant and we rely on this kind of generosity to add value to our work, but there can be so much more to volunteering than that.

I have seen with my own eyes the transformative impact volunteering can have on people from all backgrounds – from people who have experienced homelessness, prison and substance abuse, to people with professional qualifications looking to add an extra dimension to their lives.

We offer them all the support they need to get what they want out of the experience. If people simply want to give something back to their community then that’s great, but if they want to develop themselves in any way we will support them to do that.

Learn more about volunteering with Framework at www.frameworkha.org/volunteer

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