Lincolnshire Co-op provides fundraising boost

07 Dec 2016
by Jess Powell

The Lincolnshire Co-op is has announced a major programme of support for charities working with homeless people – of which Framework will be a significant beneficiary.

During December, January and February, Framework has been awarded “Community Champion” status. This means that every time a member shops using their dividend card in an area where we provide a service, a small donation will be made to support our work. Additional money from staff fundraising and carrier bag sales will also go into the pot.

IMG 4657

Framework staff (and mascot Roofus) on a recent store visit

We expect this initiative will generate around £20,000 to support our work in Lincolnshire (where we provide an accommodation pathway to support homeless people to live independently), and in Newark, where we provide accommodation and community-based support services.

We’ll use this money to fund various initiatives, including:

  • Fund the delivery of our Skills Plus independent living skills programme, which teaches vital skills to Framework residents, including budgeting, healthy eating and neighbourliness.
  • Fund the provision of move-on packs to people moving into independent accommodation for the first time. These packs include basic household essentials (like a bed, a kettle and a cooker) that our residents would otherwise struggle to afford.

More than just money

Our Services in the Lincolnshire and Newark will also be building strong local relationships with stores in their area. These stores will also be:

  • Supplying substantial food donations
  • Continuing support for vulnerable Framework residents with flu jabs
  • Providing anta Suitcase Move-On Packs
  • Hosting a series of fundraising events.

Above all this exciting intuitive provides a great example of how big organisations can make a positive contribution to their local community.

*Jess is Framework's corporate Fundraising Coordinator

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