VIDEO - Volunteering at Framework

01 Jun 2015
by Neil Skinner

Volunteering. It’s a simple enough word but one that is often misunderstood.

For many of us volunteering is solely about the giving of time to help others, but (while that kind of altruism is always welcome) there’s more to it than that. Framework uses volunteering not only to help in the running of services, but also as a way to fight social exclusion and isolation. In short, volunteering with us is as much about helping yourself as it is about us.

In National Volunteers' Week we’re seeking to challenge traditional views of what volunteering is all about and inspire more people to think about what a) they can do to help their community, and b) what they can do for themselves. In this video, some of our volunteers explain what motivates them, and what difference it had made to their lives.


All this week we'll be bringing you news and information about our volunteering programme, and case studies from our volunteers.

For more information on Volunteers Week please click here.

Volunteers' Week

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