Rough Sleepers' Hotline - One Year On

16 May 2014
by Hannah Payne

Last year, we asked supporters to get involved in supporting our Street Outreach Team through the Rough Sleepers' Hotline Appeal.

The hotline is a vital part of the team’s work as it enables rough sleepers, other services and members of the general public to get in touch at any time of the day and night to let us know where someone is rough sleeping. This enables Framework to act with the urgency required:

“The importance of the hotline is undeniable. It means that we can react as quickly as possible to people who are in potential danger on the streets. We say that it can take as little as three days sleeping rough for someone to become entrenched in that lifestyle. If that happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to work with them and reach a successful outcome moving away from rough sleeping.” – Sam Lloyd, Street Outreach Team


The appeal aimed to raise the funds needed to keep this vital resource open overnight t. The only source of funding for this purpose is the support of people like you. It is so important for our street outreach team to be there and accessible when rough sleepers are at their most vulnerable – overnight.

In response to the appeal for support, 114 people got involved and helped us to keep the hotline, which has never been busier, open twenty four hours a day.

 Over the last year the overnight hotline has taken 3,495 calls and the Street Outreach Team have supported 1,268 rough sleepers or people at risk of rough sleeping move away from, or avoid completely, the risks life on the streets. Just one of the people helped in the last year is 52 year old David who was rough sleeping in Lincolnshire before ringing the hotline to get the support he needed:


It’s a very difficult way to live. You don’t sleep much because you are on your toes all the time in case somebody attacks you. I was drinking a lot but not eating much… Without that number I would never have got help from Framework, and without that help really think I would have been dead because the weather would finally have caught up with me.

It costs just £5 to answer the phone to a rough sleeper in need and this year we need to raise £20,000 to keep the hotline open every night. Find out more on our appeal page.

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