We want to intervene early to prevent manageable problems from becoming unmanageable crises.



Our goal is to provide proactive and effective services that prevent people from falling into crisis and losing their homes. We also want to support people who may otherwise experience social isolation and exclusion. We are driven to provide these services because we know that they deliver the best outcomes for the people we support.


In 2016/17 we helped to keep hundreds of people in their homes. Some were facing imminent eviction and others had underlying issues that put their housing in jeopardy, such as mental ill-health or learning disabilities. Although local authority budget cuts mean we can no longer offer the widespread, comprehensive prevention services we did in the past, we were still able to maintain several innovative, targeted services that help people in the greatest need. We supported 1,925 people with mental health challenges across Nottinghamshire to maintain their tenancies through our various Moving Forward services.

Our Housing Crisis Service in Nottingham supported 615 people at immediate risk of losing their homes. We also launched a new service in the boroughs and districts of Nottinghamshire to bring targeted support to adults with learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders and acquired brain injuries. The Brighter Futures service, commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council, supports people to remain in their homes, to connect with their communities and to maintain their independence.


Prevention services are effective and save money, but they have been starved of funding by local authorities in favour of crisis response services.