Chair's Introduction

People often ask me what motivates me to do this job. I am, after all, 70-years-old and have “retired” twice before.

For me the answer is simple: I see in Framework an organisation that is doing a tremendous job in difficult circumstances with some of the most vulnerable people in society.

This work is more important now than ever before and I very much want to be part of it. I also want to help the organisation to overcome some very serious challenges and adapt for the future.

During my first full year as Chair I think we have achieved a great deal as an organisation.

We have continued a long-term transition to provide more universal services; we have expanded the geographical reach of our work; and we are developing a more corporate view about our strategy, mission and aims.

However I have also learned a lot too – about homelessness, social exclusion and complex needs. I worked as a GP for more than 30 years and came across a lot of people with very complex problems in that time, but nothing really matched what I have seen at Framework over the last year.

I don’t think I fully appreciated how challenging and complicated some of our service users’ needs were, nor the pressures these needs place on staff. Indeed, as my understanding of these issues has grown my respect and admiration for the people who work for Framework has increased.

I have been fortunate to visit many services over the last
year, and believe that our greatest strength is in the quality of the people who work for us. They are tremendous people who focus on the individual.

Ihave witnessed this approach in so many places – from an early morning walk with our Street Outreach Team to just sitting in reception at Val Roberts House and listening to how we interact
with people – in a way that is helpful, thoughtful and focussed on their needs.

One of the great joys for me is hearing how people speak about Framework in the community. People know about the charity, they value it, and they think it is a great organisation. Framework also
has a growing reputation among commissioners of services for being nimble and proactive – able to adapt to challenges and advance collaborative solutions to problems.

This annual report provides many examples of this approach and its impact on people in need, and it details many exciting and on-going developments for the future. I urge you to read it, to share it, and also to take time to visit our website to view some of the very powerful video case study interviews that are summarised in this publication.

Thank you for your interest and support.