Michael Varnam House

We provide a wide range of accommodation that reflects the multiple and diverse needs of the people we support.


Our goal is not just to put a roof over people’s heads; it is to provide individually tailored packages of support that help people to make a success of living independently. To this end we provide different types of accommodation that reflect the challenges posed by our residents. This includes fully staffed supported and specialist accommodation, semi-independent move-on accommodation and leasehold properties where people live more independently.


 In 2016/17 we invested considerable resources to improve and expand the accommodation we provide. In Scunthorpe we were commissioned to run our first accommodation service in North Lincolnshire – 22 units of supported accommodation. We also began work on a replacement for Michael Varnam House in Sneinton, Nottingham.

The service, which provides specialist accommodation and treatment to people who are alcohol dependent, has a new, purpose-built home at Ortzen Street in Nottingham. The new development contains 18 self-contained flats in a secluded, landscaped location.

We opened 30 new units of move-on accommodation in Nottingham and Lincolnshire, and several of our accommodation services were also moved during the year to improve service provision, generate capacity, and deliver greater value for money.

For example, our specialist service for homeless young women and their children was moved to a modern development in Nottingham.

Our Women’s Complex Needs service was moved in its place.



Annette was homeless and in crisis when she first came to Framework.



Dan was homeless and living in a tent when he first got support.



At the beginning of 2018 we expect to open a major new residential care facility for homeless men and women living with the long-term health effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Edwin House, in Nottingham, is a former care home that is being renovated to provide 63 units (with on-site nursing provision) of accommodation. This will replace our existing care home facility at 32 Bentinck Road, Nottingham, and represents a major investment in services related to substance misuse. When completed the service will be one of the only specialist facilities of its kind in England and Wales.