Treatment and Recovery

A craft session at our Nature in Mind

We deliver professional services that promote treatment, wellbeing and recovery. 

Our Goal

We want to use our skills, expertise and experience to deliver professional, effective support services that are capable of improving people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. We want to provide high quality and effective solutions to the problems people face in the communities we serve – from mental ill-health to substance misuse.

What we did

In 2015/16 we were commissioned to provide a major new mental health support service for people living in Nottingham. We were asked by the NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group to set up a central point of support and advice to help people living with the effects of non-acute mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.

Wellness in Mind now provides help and advice via a central support hub, accessible on line through a specially developed website, over the phone and in person. The service has been targeted at the estimated 41,000 people who are affected by common mental health challenges in the city at any one time. Its aim is to make it quicker, simpler and less daunting for people to get help.

We provided further community-based mental health support via our Big Lottery funded Nature in Mind eco-therapy project, which supported 109 people throughout the year to take part in enriching outdoor and craft activities.

A new targeted substance misuse service (Clean Slate) was also established to reduce reoffending by people addicted to alcohol and drugs.

We also supported several thousand people in Nottingham to address their alcohol and drug use through the Last Orders and Recovery in Nottingham partnerships we lead.

Our impact

  • 2,884 the number of people who accessed drug and alcohol treatment services
  • 109 the number of people supported by our Nature in Mind project

Our stories

Theresa was alcohol dependent and her life was spiralling out of control.


2016/17 The Year Ahead

Framework has been commissioned by the Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership to lead a major new initiative in Nottingham that will combine the existing alcohol and drug treatment pathways into a single, easily accessible service.

The Nottingham Recovery Network, funded by Nottingham City Council with money from Public Health England, will be operated as a partnership between Framework, Double Impact and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. It will provide a central point of support for anybody who wants help and advice with their alcohol and or drug use.

Accessible to individuals and other agencies, it will provide comprehensive assessments, case management, structured treatment, health promotion, assertive outreach, training, and personal developmental support opportunities. Its central support hub will be accessible in person, on-line, and by telephone. This multi-million pound investment is a huge vote of confidence in our ability to deliver such a service.