Outreach and Intervention

A genuine rough sleeping site in Nottingham.We provide services that reach out to the most vulnerable and excluded people in society.

Our goal

Our goal is to bring help and support to anybody who needs it – regardless of the challenges they bring or the severity of the issues they face. We work to meet the needs of those most in need – from people sleeping rough on and around our streets, to those trapped on the fringes of our society by multiple and complex needs.

What we did

In 2015/16 our Street Outreach Team provided a professional 24 / 7 response to the issue of rough sleeping in Nottingham. Team members, who work every day with the people affected by street homelessness, helped 522 people in the year, 406 of whom were sleeping rough. Working in cooperation with a wide range of partners, they supported 242 people into accommodation and reconnected a further 73 people to other areas and countries.

As lead partner at the Opportunity Nottingham project, we also brought intensive, targeted support to more than 150 people living with multiple needs – combinations of chaotic homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health and repeat offending. Opportunity Nottingham is one of 12 similar initiatives funded by the Big Lottery as part of its national Fulfilling Lives programme. 

Our Impact


  • 522 people supported by the Street Outreach Team
  • 242 rough sleepers supported into accommodation
  • 73 people reconnected to other areas 

Our Stories

Alan had lost his job and was sleeping rough. Framework helped him to address his problems and get housed.


Paul was living rough and his alcoholism was out of control. Framework helped him to confront his problems and get him housed.


2016/17 The Year Ahead

Rough sleeping is rising across the country and has more than doubled since 2010. Rough sleeping in Nottingham has reached levels not seen for nearly 20 years. In our experience, these rises have been caused by a mixture of welfare reforms (particularly reductions and restrictions on Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance), reduced national investment in housing and support, increased pressure on existing services, and a lack of assistance for non-UK nationals. These things are happening because of decisions taken at a national rather than a local level. That means our ability to affect meaningful long-term change is severely limited.

Our Outreach Team will continue its work and no doubt change many lives for the better, but it will be constrained by restrictions that are beyond its control. It will then be forced to rely on sticking plaster solutions to manage an ever large population of rough sleepers. This will include increased funding for temporary and bed and breakfast accommodation, and training for volunteers who will then assess and signpost people in need.