Homelessness and health: an assessment of single homeless people in Nottingham

homelessness and healthThis Health Needs Assessment brings into focus the health and wellbeing needs of people who are homeless and directly draws on the experiences of over 349 homeless people from across Nottinghamshire. It is the largest ever survey of its kind compiled using the Homeless Link health tool kit.

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Funding for Socially Excluded Services in Nottingham: Time To Take Another Look?

Read it here.The purpose of this report is not to provide answers but to provoke questions. Specifically, it seeks to kick-start a debate amongst commissioners and providers of services for the social excluded in Nottingham. In a time of stringent control over public service budgets, local services for this group of people have been cut recently and they face further cuts in the future.
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The Impact of International Migration on the East Midlands

Migrant ReportEast Midlands Councils launched a major report on ‘The Impact of International Migration on the East Midlands’ at its AGM on 18 July 2014. The report makes use of official data and analysis commissioned from Nottingham Trent University. It concludes that international migration has generally been good for the economy...but highlights four key challenges that must be addressed if local services are to be effectively planned for and community cohesion is to be maintained. Framework's Street Outreach work is cited as a good example for others to follow (p24 - 25).
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Framework Service User Satisfaction Survey - 2012

satisfactionEvery one to two years an overall satisfaction survey is sent to Framework’s service users. This survey allows service users to give their satisfaction with the accommodation and services provided by Framework Housing Association in 2012. Total response was 319 service users, which is 20% of the people eligible to take part in the survey. Read it here.