The benefits of providing placements

There are many benefits to providing student placements – for both your organisation and the student themselves. Here are just some of them:

  • You will be paid a small daily fee for providing a placement, currently placements can last from 20 -100 days. Students will generally undertake 70-80 day placements in their 2nd year of undergraduate and 100 day placements in their final year. They will usually undertake 80 day placements in the 1st year of a master’s programme.
  • You get the chance to share your organisation’s values and good practice with a future qualified social worker.
  • It’s an opportunity for personal and career development for members of your team acting as on-site supervisors/ mentors.
  • Practice Educators who are working with students, can help your service keep up to date with good practice.
  • Students come to placements with new ideas and a variety of legislative knowledge which can benefit staff and users – learning is a two-way process. 
  • It can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for your service to have a student around, asking questions about what you do and why?
  • It’s a chance for voluntary, private and independent sector organisations to influence the development of Social Workers.


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