Whilst on placement it is the student’s responsibility to:

• Attend practice on a full-time basis as specified on the learning agreement form
• Complete all necessary paperwork required by the coordination service and placement provider
• Participate in the preparation of the aims and objectives of the placement period and in placement visits
• Attend and participate fully in regular supervision sessions with the Practice Supervisor and or Practice Educator or a specified person covering for their absence
• Undertake work as directed by the Practice Supervisor and or Practice Educator
• Record work fully and promptly and make written work available to the Practice Educator
• Participate in the evaluation and assessment process in conjunction with the Practice Educator, recognising that the responsibility for assessment outcome resides with the Practice Educator and the University’s Programme Assessment Board
• Ensure academic study does not encroach upon practice work and vice versa.
• Terminate contact with service users appropriately at the end of the placement period.
• Act as an agency employee, accepting agency practices, policies and expectations with particular regard to responsibility and accountability, as well as acknowledging his/her role as a trainee social worker.
• Familiarise him/herself with and abide by all Health and Safety procedures within the practice setting
• In the case of the practice setting not being satisfactory, to contact their learning adviser/tutor immediately with a view to discussion as to whether the placement experience should continue.
• Contact the learning adviser/tutor to act as arbiter if there is any dispute between the student and Practice Educator or onsite Practice Supervisor about workload or any other issue.
• Prepare and submit on time contributions towards the placement report and share with the Practice Educator agreed work prior to the mid-point review.
• Adhere to the HCPC Guidance on conduct and ethics for students

Health care Professions Council     Guidance on conduct and ethics for students