On-site Practice Supervisor

  • Be available for pre-practice consultation with the prospective student to clarify whether the practice setting is viable


  • Work with their line manager to prepare the team, office, practice setting and service users for the student’s arrival


  • Provide an induction programme and be available to meet with the student and learning advisor, both to draw up the learning agreement and for review meetings


  • Ensure the student is provided with details of the agency’s Health and Safety policy procedures


  • Allocate time for supervision as required


  • Arrange 3 way supervisions with Practice Educator as required


  • Provide the student with the relevant information about policy, procedures and practices within the practice learning setting


  • Offer support


  • Manage the work of the student on a day-to-day basis and to provide appropriate work and learning opportunities
  • Supply evidence of competence to the Practice Educator.

The student placement coordinator will also provide a handbook which gives further information and practical advice regarding this role.