Umuada Refuge

Nottingham based. Accepts women from any part of the country with the exclusion of the 5 miles around the refuge

*This is not a Framework service, but somewhere we provide student placements.

Service description

Umuada is a twelve-bed refuge at a confidential location for women fleeing domestic abuse. All women have their own rooms but kitchens and bathrooms are shared with between two to four other women. Rooms can be linked together for women with larger families. We provide face to face staffing between 09.00-20.00 Mon- Fri and 10.00-16.00 on weekends and an emergency team is available at the push of a button when staff are not on site.  The emergency team also monitor CCTV whilst staff are not physically present and may be called upon request.

The aim of Umuada is to empower women fleeing domestic abuse, give support with life skills, training, education and employment and give back the confidence that has so often being taken from them. We also run a programme designed to support women to be able to recognise and avoid future abusive relationships. Our ultimate goal is for all women to resettle safely in the community. Women can reside at Umuada for up 12 months as long as they need to access the service and are engaging in support.


Learning opportunities

• Legal and policy issues relating to women fleeing domestic abuse including Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 and The Homelessness Act 2002

• Multi-disciplinary working including attendance at core group meetings and team around the child meetings

• Advocacy skills

• Group work including the Freedom Programme

• Facilitation of daily living skills including income maximisation and budgeting

• Working with service users with complex needs including self harm and substance misuse

• Experience of continuing assessment of need and risk

• Person-centred support planning and review

• Experience of advocating on behalf of service users with other service providers and organisations

• Familiarisation and understanding of local and national policy and legislation relating to domestic abuse

• Practice within the principles of anti-discrimination, anti-oppressive practice and equal opportunities

• Anti-oppressive practice with service users with substance misuse or mental health problems and/or dual diagnosis

• Understanding empowerment

• Opportunities to apply relevant theories

• Crisis intervention

• Understanding of the Supporting People initiative

• Experience of continuing assessment of needs and risks (managemnet of these), in line with agency policy and multi-disciplinary working, including networking with other agencies

• Supporting individuals to achieve improved mental health and facilitate opportunities to enhance self-esteem and confidence including supporting employment and educational opportunities

• Experience of working as a member of an experienced staff team

• To support maintenance of tenancy

• Valuing diversity and equality of opportunity

• Duty of care

• Motivational techniques

• Knowledge of the needs of homeless people

• Understanding Valuing People policy

• Dealing with new referrals

• Cultural needs of African-Caribbean service users

• Issues around child protection and duty of care, implications of the Children Acts and safeguarding procedures

• Tenancy maintenance and resettlement work — assisting women to move on to more independent accommodation and move on support

• Facilitating parenting skills and child development

• Promoting social inclusion by encouraging service users to create and maintain links with the local community

• Monitoring potential environmental hazards


Additional information

Umuada is a women’s refuge that is classed as emergency accommodation. Women may stay here for up to one year. We prioritise referrals from the BME community and also may accept women without recourse to public funds on an individually assessed basis.