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Service description

The Leicester Flats are 50 dispersed flats within Leicester City, for adults with mental health problems or learning disabilities. The flats are all within a reasonable distance of local amenities, such as shops, post offices and doctors, etc. Advance will try to place you where you want to live. However, this may not always be possible, depending on the accommodation available at the time.

The aim is for people to develop a more independent lifestyle in the community, the preferred role of Advance Staff is to promote the optimum independence rather than providing protection or control. All customers have a tenancy in their own right and these tenancies constitute a “home for life” for adults with mental health needs. The aim of the service is to:

• Provide a quality service to enable tenants to live a valued independent life

• Enable tenants to maximise their daily living skills and gain insight into how to manage their mental health issues through support planning

• To build a therapeutic relationship and work through issues for a positive outcome

• Enhance access to existing community provision, leisure activities in the local area and therapeutic activities e.g. creative supports breakthrough project

• Empower customers at all times to make their own decisions/choices

• Assist customers to gain or regain the skills necessary to move into their own independent tenancies

There are various levels of support (1 to 4 hours each week), which is funded through the Supporting People programme. The support service is tailored to the needs of individual tenants, and can include a wide range of housing-related support, but does not provide for personal care.

Support is provided in liaison with other related professional services collaborating to provide appropriate support services to enable tenants to live independently in their homes.


Learning opportunities

• Liaison with other agencies involved in supporting customers — maximising inter-agency communication in care programme approach reviews, psychiatric and care coordinator reviews etc.

• Gain knowledge of legislation and policy underpinning mental health services such as Mental Health Acts 1983/2007, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Care Programme Approach, etc.

• Gain knowledge of benefits system — ensure service users have full benefit entitlement

• Develop move-on strategies, supporting tenants in move-on accommodation and working in accordance with needs-led support packages

• Advocacy skills

• Group work

• Contribute to effective running of a team — enhancing communication skills, verbal and written, facilitating of skills to enhance daily living skills — task-centred work, modelling, role playing etc.

• Involvement in carrying out assessment and developing support plans

• Involvement in regular quality assurance auditing — internal and external

• Report writing


Additional information

The Leicester Flats Floating support Service is primarily involved in supporting customers with mental health and/or learning disabilities to live independently.

The service provides support to enable customers to honour the terms and conditions of their tenancy, and to ensure they understand these terms. Staff will help customers to make weekly rent payments and manage arrears. They will enable customers to successfully apply for benefits, and assist them to manage their household bills, personal finances and budgets. They will ensure maintenance is undertaken, and ensure security, cleanliness, and appropriate health and safety standards are adhered to, and ensure customers are aware of their responsibilities in these areas.

They will also be involved with individual customers and third parties in the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of individual support plans.

*This is not a Framework service