Michael Varnam House

Nottingham city


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Service description

Michael Varnam House is a ten-bed service for homeless men and women with a primary issue of alcohol misuse.

The service does not exclude service users who have a secondary issue of drug use however they must be stabilised on a substitute medication and engaging with a drug support service. There are a further 10 beds in dispersed housing for move on accommodation to ensure people gain the life skills to live independently. All new residents are detoxed on site.


Learning opportunities

• Legal and policy issues relating to people with substance misuse

• Person-centred care planning, monitoring and review

• Facilitation of daily living skills including income maximisation and budgeting

• Working with service users with moderate to severe learning disabilities and complex needs

• Experience of continuing assessment of need and risk

• Experience of advocating on behalf of service users with other service providers and organisations

• Multi-agency and partnership working

• Practice within the principles of anti-discrimination, anti-oppressive practice and equal opportunities

• Working as part of a team to provide a high quality service

• Working with people with challenging behaviour

• Experience of working with people with enduring mental health needs

• Experience of working in a rehabilitation service

• Understanding empowerment

• To work across other projects within the agency

• Opportunities to apply relevant theories

• Crisis intervention

• Understanding of the Supporting People initiative

• Practice within a emphasis on reducing dependency and focus on prompting life skills/recovery and greater social inclusion